Wednesday, October 27, 2010

and just because....

my thoughts are racing and its just me and Victorya (3) and she is grouchy and I am too tired and hurting to get out of this chair.....

Everybody has been sick since we moved into this duplex. We had concerns of mold when we moved in, but the landlord appeared to resolve them. Now I am not so sure. I have looked up "leaky houses" and found some sources that say small amounts of constant moisture and mold (not even black mold) can cause depression and anxiety. I am just so unsure of why my niece got so much more incredibly sick when she got here. I am so freaked out by the level my son's anxiety is at. I have never experienced anxiety, especially the uncontrollable kind that seems based on simple sounds or colors like his is. For some reason I just have this feeling that some of these things are related to this house in some way. I came accross a paranormal investigator's blog and I even entertained the idea that something paranormal could be contributing to all of the negativity we have experienced in the last year. Am I being paranoid?

Just some insight into what my current dysfunction is.... my 3 year old is running around naked cause she refuses to put anything on and I am too tired to make her. She helped herself to 1/3 a loaf of bread and all I could do was ask her if she closed the fridge. She ate all of the insides and littered the crusts all over the floor and I just sat here typing, occasionally glancing at the mess. Then I had a brilliant idea and I called the yodeling french bulldog, Bonita, that we rescued, to eat up the mess. She did better than a vacuum would of. Ironically, we rescued her because our cousin that owned her couldn't deal with her separation anxiety, which is what leads to her unique and incredibly annoying yodeling behavior.

Since being here, her yodeling initially only occurred when faced with a closed door or when everyone left the house. We decided that kenneling her might be contributing to her insecurities, so we decided to let her have free roam of the house. She freaked out on the rats for awhile and tried eating them through the cage. They seem to have come to an understanding. She will sit patiently and stare at them and they will go about their business and she doesn't yodel at them any more.

She is growing on all of us and she hardly ever yodels anymore. It is such a unique and annoying noise, but I admit I might miss it if she stopped doing it completely, because it is pretty damn funny, as long as no one is trying to sleep :)

It feels so good to just get all my racing thoughts out there. My naked daughter is now asleep on the couch with half the middle of a piece of bread in hand. When my 10 year old gets here, I think I am going to help her raise the money she needs for an amusement park trip on Friday, by letting her do some of the chores my back won't let me do right now.

By the way, this flare up was caused by me thinking I could cut my son's surfer/skater shag hair into the Pauly D haircut he wanted. It turned out like he wanted, but it took several hours, and we didn't get done until 1 am. Then I had to help him style it, and we didn't have any Spiker or hairspray, just cheap gel, so it took some serious work! Then he slept sitting up so he wouldn't mess it up.

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  1. Nice about the bulldog. I like the idea of having those vacuum cleaner dogs around.
    The hair cut looks good. Great job.