Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about my son's broken arm. I really wanted to respond individually to a couple of you and the time just got away from me. A quick update on him: I got him into an ortho and paid a down payment on the treatment. the total bill for that Dr. will be almost $1000, but I can get a 40% discount if I pay it in full in 3 weeks (when he will get his cast off). I left the bill with the school principal who was too busy" interviewing" to see me. I fully intend on emailing her that I feel very strongly that the parents should pay the bill. It doesn't even include the hospital bill, but I know the insurance we applied for will go retro-active for 90 days.

My strong convictions are weighed down by my own physical limitations and mental angst. The whole ordeal is just to lengthy to explain in entirety, but I will sum it up. I am pretty certain I have a hernia from picking up my two-year-old. Seeing as I have no insurance, I went to the state hospital where we are on a sliding scale. Talk about dehumanizing. After eight hours of being treated poorly and getting drugged up on morphine, I was sent home. Still unable to eat or lift anything without pain, I gave in and went to the local ER. CT scan and ultrasound showed nothing specific, but I was told my insides are rather abnormal because of all of my abdominal surgeries and that they really recommend an exploratory surgery.

Yeah, let me just go get in line for the free operations that are available.

So I am in constant pain, I can't pick up my daughter, can't do much without hurting myself worse, and can't eat without pain. Of course the cleaning/door guy at Bryson's work quit so he has been training the new cleaning guy and has to work the door on top of his 6 days he already works. Not much energy left over for me and the kids. The ER can only give meds for 48 hours following when you are seen. The clinic where I could go has NO appointments available.... AT ALL. I have to call everyday for a possible cancellation. A week of that so far and no surprise, no cancellations.

I am worn out. It has been raining which adds to my distress. I cannot go to the ER every couple of days, but I cannot live like this. I am trying to remind myself of how worse it actually could be. Staying thankful for things like heat, shelter, hot water, my bed, the little food I can keep down, and that the pain meds have given me a nice break from my insomnia. I am also aware that being an addict, I am likely to experience some depression now that I am out of pills. Working hard not to start a viscous cycle and looking for a real solution instead of the band-aid that pain pills are.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am so angry I am not sure if I am thinking rationally. The more I talk or think about it, the more upset I get.

Last Friday I got called by my 12 year old's school. He was in the office with a hurt wrist and ice was not helping him get any more comfortable. I just had a feeling it was broken. Sure enough after a trip to the ER it was confirmed. 

A few of you may remember that my husband has no insurance available at his company. We are on county insurance, but they had messed up our paperwork and said we needed to reapply. We moved and are in a new county, but we are STILL waiting for a response to our application. My point? We have no health insurance. 

That's only an aggravating factor for me right now. What has me really upset is that his arm was broken when two kids "table topped" him. If you are not familiar with this, it is when two kids conspire to take a big kid down by surprise. One kid gets on hands and knees like a "table" behind the victim and then the other pretends like he is going to go up and talk to the victim and instead pushes him over the "table" or other kid. 

So the school's official response is that the kids' parents are devastated their kids acted so horribly; that school privacy laws prevent them form telling me who it was, who the parents are, and what the consequences were. They assured me they had both in school and out of school consequences. Based on the gossip from other kids in the school, these kids are bragging that they didn't get in any trouble and that the took one of the biggest kids in the class down. 

The asst. principal assured me that she had spoke with all 6th graders and informed them if it happened again it would be treated as an assault. Well wasn't this time an assault? I asked her about contacting the school assigned police officer and she said she was pretty certain he would not issue a citation to the kids. Shouldn't he be allowed to discern if there was a crime?

Two days ago she assured me she would have the school police officer talk with all three boys. Today my son comes home and still nothing. Am I crazy to think the school should have accident insurance or that the parents should be responsible in some way? I know if one of my kids ever did anything like that I would want to personally apologize to the child and family involved, I would expect my kid to do the same, and I would be expecting to assume all financial responsibility, even if it meant my kid working it off for a LOOOONG time.

I think I am going to call the non-school assigned police and ask to file a report.

I am so mad.